I'm Sush, a Web Designer, Illustrator and general tinkerer of things.

I work with all sorts of clients, small and large helping them to fulfill their digital needs.

I have availability from May so get in touch if you have a project I might be able to help you with.

Please note: This site is currently in "It works on my machine mode" and as such has not been fully tested in anything but the main three latest browsers. It has been great fun to just play around in css-grid! :)

GDPR for small businesses
Screen Printing Fun
A Bear on a Bike - £55.00

NET Magazine - Design Challenge

It is pretty rare I get to do design or concept work as my main focus tends to be UX and Front End Development. It was so much fun to get involved with this month’s design challenge in .NET Magazine. The brief was a fictional environmental charity and I enjoyed every minute of it, especially designing the logo!

A Drop in the Ocean

ADITO is a call to action to the world to try and stop the destruction of the world’s oceans. This has been especially highlighted recently after Planet Earth 2 and the increasing focus on plastic waste and the effects on wildlife and our coastlines. Costs for a charity of this nature are paramount as it is a type of charity that often struggles for real investment. As such minimising ongoing costs is a priority.

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