About Me

I have been involved in website design and development since 2000. From battling with Internet Explorer 6, table layouts and shims to the comparitave joys that css-grid is giving us, the developments and progression the industry has made over the last 20 years is what makes me tick.

I currently cover three main roles at a Creative Studio in Leamington Spa; Digital Director, Front End specialist and friendly office janitor! It is safe to say I have had to become quite the generalist to cover these roles. If you are interested you can read more about my specific skills and experience here.

I am also available for specific projects, consultancy or general advice in a freelance capacity.

My original passion is illustration, mainly pen and ink. I am a member of the Birmingham Printmakers and try to experiment with screen printing when I can.

I shy away from speaking but enjoy writing, producing articles for Creativebloq and .Net magazine amongst others.

Ongoing projects

Getting involved in Birmingham Beer Week last year was fun, as it's first year it needed to step up after the successes of the Beer Bash previously. We have big things planned for this year!

The Matt Kendall Foundation is a charity that aims to give young people a foot onto the ladder when they really need it. The brain child of Matt who sadly died after a battle with cancer, this is his legacy. With daughters in the same class I felt compelled to offer any help I could to get them up and running. Despite it being 'thrown together' in a very short space of time it has already helped people in need which is no bad thing :)