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Alveston Fine Art

Alveston Fine Arts was set up in 2016 to promote talented British and Irish artists. Represented artists bring something unique to their craft, striving to change how we look at conventional art forms by using materials in imaginative ways. They all bring fresh methods and ideas to their work.

The brief was to design something interesting, ideally avoiding the super minimal gallery style that often goes with art websites. There was a logo in development and the client was keen to keep a maroon colour used in some existing exhibition graphics and other printed collateral. One big thing was that it was only weeks until a big exhibition so Fergus needed a speedy turn around.

Alveston Fine Art

The Tech Stack

We decided to go with Wordpress on this build. The client had used Wordpress before and being non technical was keen to keep things as familiar as possible.

Looking at the sites functionality we required:

The Concepts and Build

I was keen to use a rapid process on this project and thankfully Fergus was willing to let me lead and trusted me to deliver a site that would work and be easy to manage.

Fergus was very keen to keep the maroon colour which initially I wasn’t sure about but by balancing it with a healthy amount of white space it works well.

Really quick sketches with notes guided the build.
Sometimes iterating ideas on paper is the quickest way to get a feel for the layout.

I came up with some really quick hand drawn concepts which conveyed enough to get into the browser and begin working with a real prototype. I needed to build the admin tools to allow us to populate the site whilst the build of the theme was taking place. This may seem a bit rushed but developing a site with real content is exactly what you want to be doing!

Using CSS Grid to layout the artwork
A nice responsive pattern swapping from a grid to a scrolling list

Hitting the deadline

As mentioned it was a really quick turn around with a hard deadline as the Collect 2020 Exhibition was starting on the 27th February regardless. With a little help from one of his key artists (Freya Pocklington) to advise on some details relating to artists the site was ready to go on time. Freya said; “Fergus can’t stop saying how delighted he is with the website. I can imagine he’s been flat out this week with being at Collect.”.

Who was involved?
My Role
Tech Stack


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