Creativity & Code

Website builds, maintainance and general development.

As time goes on building websites has become more and more specialised. It can feel pretty overwhelming wondering which things you need to pay attention to and which you can ignore. The acronyms, programming languages and design styles.. where do you begin?

Whether it is building up your digital collateral from the ground up, reviewing and improving on what you have got or some general coaching to get you set in the right direction I've got you covered.

If any of these situations seems familiar and you would like some help then let me know.

Need help on a digital project?

Drop me a note or find me on Twitter and Instagram

I need help adding to or changing things on my existing website.

You have a site but the original designer is long gone or doesn't reply to your requests.

Although my main skills are in Wordpress and Static site generators I can work with most platforms. It all depends how (and when) the site was built.

I have a Wordpress website but don't really know how to edit anything.

Wordpress is a great content management system, it is really easy to use and as long as your site template is fairly open I should be able to get you happily editing and creating new content in no time at all!

I haven't got a website, I am starting a new business.. where do I start?

There is lot's to consider in this situation, but you may well find that starting your business is actually more important right now! I can help you choose a scalable solution, plan out your needs and look at the wider picture in terms of social and email marketing.

I have a website but it doesn't do anything for me.

Let's start off be reviewing what you have. Are people getting to your site and not doing what you expect, or perhaps they are not even getting to your site. Once we have reviewed your business and the way you use your website we can plan an effective strategy to move forward with .