Creativity & Code

WC 01 July

Bucket list item ticked

What a hectic week - I seem to say that every week, but this was the countdown to the opening of Art Rooms on Saturday. We had to be ready for the private view on the Friday night and I had lots to do.

All the sanding

I managed to knock out 3 pallet tables, a cable reel table and a pallet sofa alongside the various bits and pieces that needed moving or setting up. Everything really came together and although tired we enjoyed a beer and chatting to all the people who came to see what the space is about.

It has been such a pleasure to do the branding and marketing materials. To see something I have designed as an actual thing on the High Street is something I will always cherish.

CV or not to CV

The main focus at 6S for the last few weeks has been recruiting some new devs. It has been a real mixed bag but I am really hopefully we might have one or two really good options.. we shall see on Monday when we hit our last candidate interview.

Ebony and Ivory

Work with Stuff and Nonsense involved a fun light/dark toggle and some tidying up of some templates. I am starting to love the intensity of Thursday, it is pushing me to improve and is ace to be working with someone I have learnt from over the years.

Holiday time approaches so really need to get my head down and finish a couple of sites that are on the go..