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WC 10th June

Experience Sush and Narrator Sush are two very different beasts.

I have been reading Homo Deus on and off for the last few weeks, chipping away at it with a chapter here and there.

I am nearing the end and have just read through an outstanding chapter about how you as a person have two types of self. The experience self lives though things at the time and the narrative self reflect and produces a curated memory of the event.

This has made me realise that writing these week notes as I tend to at the end of a week means that largely I will have softened the edges and re written what actually happened before I even try to consciously put words down on a page!

So, from next week I am going to try and update the week note each day as I go along, largely like a diary in the hope it will give me a slightly more authentic view on what I have been doing.

How was this week?

Generally pretty good! I have been doing some fun logo/branding design for Art Rooms Kings Heath which I really hope gets chosen as it would be awesome to see something I have done on an actual High Street. Fitting this work in around billable jobs has been a challenge but ultimately it will be worth it.

I did an initial bit of Javascript work for Andy Clarke on Thursday which all seemed to go well. It has inspired me to revisit some javascript learning to try and build on my “get things done” level of js skill.

Finished the week working at Sixth Story which is the first time I have had a standard working Friday in quite a while. It was fine though and the chance to have an after work beer with Joel (Designer at 6S) at The Wolf was worth it in itself.