Creativity & Code

WC 17th June

You promised you would do this daily Sush…

o.k. I haven’t! Mainly because this week has been super busy. Weirdly it feels like last week and this week have ramped up and got me more productive despite having so much on the go.

Biggest highlight was the Kings Heath CIC choosing my branding and logo for the new Art Rooms building. I never get to do brand or print really as my pay the bills area of work is web so this is great fun.

It did mean having to squeeze in signage designs, email signatures and a temporary holding page.

Work in the studio has been satisfying - finally our maintenance schedule for sites is fixed and up to date pretty much.

Today I was doing some interesting css grid work with Andy Clarke - no pressure doing front end with someone who has literally written books on the subject. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I have somehow even managed to cram in some relearning of Javascript basics. I cut my teeth on JS in a learn what you need kind of way so my knowledge holes are reminiscent of a sieve. Making it my business to get up to speed on some of the surrounding principles.

Onto Friday tomorrow and the Summer Solstice… will I manage to get up a hill?