Creativity & Code

WC 20th May

Feels great to start the week without injury! Lot’s to be done as away at the Isle of Man next week for some TT fun.

Had a great kick off meeting with a new client at Sixth Story. They are so open to our advice and up for tackling the job in nice bite size chunks to get all the functionality nailed down before we go anywhere near design.

No responses on the podcast or contact regards some new work so threw myself into Snipcart and a new Jekyll build for the record label site I am working on.

In a few hours I had put together a Jekyll install, linked it to Github Pages and implemented Snipcart… meanwhile the design side has progressed well so hopefully I can get a proper build on the go.

Highlight and cringe moment of the week was having a chat about some work with someone I have looked up to in the industry since I started. Managed to give him a wrong mobile number so he ended up calling some girl called Jessie.. well at least that broke the ice!

Finished the week chaperoning my daughter on a climate march in the city centre so working from Medicine Bakery on New St. It is a really nice space!