Creativity & Code

WC 24th June

Busy busy busy

This week has been another hectic week but I can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The Art Rooms project kicks off on the 5th July so there is much to do both digitally and in the building itself.

Art Rooms Kings Heath

I am making some pallet tables, with 2 tops left to make and have slipped into being in charge of most of the brand work too so signage, leaflets flyers and the like have been on my to do list.

Speedy Wunderground

The record label site is really coming together now, just the shop functionality to finalise and it should be good to go live - ideally in the next week or so.

Project Stuff & Nonsense

Thursday was the busiest day so far, with some fun things to do for Andy being the mainstay of the day.

Into the weekend

The weekend doesn’t really let up as will be finishing the tables, doing the “dad taxi” duties and then we have a street party on the Sunday that I will need to help on… at least I can have a beer doing that! :)