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#ecomchat - Enhancing Ecommerce with Mobile

Category Icon #ecomchat - Enhancing Ecommerce with Mobile

#ecomchat is a weekly Twitter chat on eCommerce. Each week 2 or 3 points are set up for discussion. This week it was:

  • What are the big trends in how people use mobile devices to interact with brands?
  • What are the in-store opportunities for multi-channel brands like John Lewis? And for smaller brands?
  • What technology needs to be in place to manage this?

One of the posts that grabbed my attention was a brief conversation about in store oppurtunities for mobile interaction. Off the back of it I ended up being pointed in the direction of Podifi. I love the fact it plugs into existing hardware and (depending on cost) could be a great marketing tool for businesses looking to interact with their customers via mobile technology.

#ecomchat was set up by @danbarker & @jamesgurd as a simple way to get people together to chat about ecommerce, it is well worth checking out!


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