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I'm Sush, I build websites and manage digital projects.

I work with clients small and large and really enjoy anything with an ethical or social mission.

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Speedy Wunderground - Making music with the Jamstack

Speedy Wunderground is a label which started on February 25th 2013 with the release of “I Go Out” by Steve Mason & Emiliana Torrini. Comprising of Dan Carey, Alexis Smith and Pierre Hall, they have been releasing some amazing tunes over the last 6 years.

I had the pleasure of building their website way back then and it was most definitely showing its age and lacked any real functionality. A stop gap that lasted too long you might say. Luckily Speedy Wunderground were keen to revisit their site and improve the ecommerce aspect, they also had a few ideas about previewing tracks. Alexis and the team gave me a blank page to define the tech stack and with that in mind I suggested going with an approach that would minimise security issues and future updates.

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Website Design


I can design and build you a website ensuring that it will fit your needs and grow with you as your business develops.

The principles and thinking that are behind a great website trancend the choice of CMS. Quite alot of people end up choosing Wordpress for a variety of reasons, but there are lots of other ways to reach your goal.

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Project Management

Project Management

It is easier to engage a design agency on a website rebuild if you have someone on your team who knows what they are talking about!

Having worked with agencies over the years I can help your internal team with their digital projects. There is a great deal you can do yourself before you go out to get a quote.

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