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30 Days of running

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What could possibly go wrong! After being 16 seconds off my personal goal of a 25min 5k before lockdown I haven’t run since. So obviously the best way to jump start things is by trying to run in some form for every day in September.

I like to have some accountability so decided to document each day here. The 30 days went by pretty quickly, I only had a couple of days where I didn’t fancy getting up to put my trainers on. One surprise was that there wasn’t one rainy run in the whole month… in September! :S

I had the company of my daughter on recovery runs as she is doing the c25k so got a bit of father/daughter bonding in as a bonus.

Although I am looking forward to a couple of rest days to recharge a little I can see me sticking with a 3-4 run a week schedule, my mental health was the best it has been in the whole of 2020 which is probably my biggest take away from it all.

Some stats

  • Distance covered - 116km
  • Calories burned - 12,416

If you are interested you can read my daily diary below.

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